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“The Kidepo Lionhearts” – Running our socks off for our Wildlife Rangers – 16th September

Three elite lionesses, Anais, Alice and Lafelle are joined by a tired old lion, Marcus (me) – who they will be dragging around for 21 kilometres in the rough terrain and wonderful wilderness that is Murchison Falls National Park (Uganda) on 16th September 2023 –

but why?

We, “The Kidepo Lionhearts” are participating in the Wildlife Ranger Challenge, a global event uniting over 100 ranger teams across Africa to raise vital funds for Uganda Conservation Foundation (UCF), in their fight to protect many of the most endangered species in Africa.

More than a race (but we are secretly hoping to win!); the Wildlife Ranger Challenge is a symbol of unity, resilience, and commitment to our planet’s precious wildlife, and the rangers who work so hard to protect it.

Meet The Kidepo Lionhearts!

Alice Brookes – “hear me roaaaaar”

Alice is the Head of Science at International School of Uganda and is a passionate Biologist. She moved to Uganda last year and made the most of that time exploring every inch of the country. After spending New Year’s Eve at Kidepo, she knew she belonged in the ‘Kidepo lionheart’ crew, to raise money for such a stunning and remote national park (not to mention the excellent UWA guide that joined her during the game drives).

Lafelle  (Tsz Kwan Chu) – “this kitty has got claws”

Originally from Hong Kong and having lived in many different places, Lafelle came to Uganda thinking that she’d ‘try it out for a year’. Now she’s entering her 5th year in this beautiful country! Never particularly sporty or competitive, but she couldn’t say no to an opportunity to perhaps meet the animals she’s going to raise money for.

Anais Grivot – “no purring from this ferocious beast”

Anaïs arrived in Uganda about three years ago to work at the International School of Uganda as a science teacher. She’s had the chance to discover the country through amazing experiences, such as meeting gorillas in Bwindi, cycling through Mburo or taking part in adventurous rafting on the Nile! She’s seen how much of an incredible gem the Ugandan wildlife is, and it certainly deserves to be protected by all means. And so, even though Anaïs prefers Crossfit and boxing rather than running, she is very excited to contribute to wildlife conservation by participating in her first ever (half) marathon to support Kidepo national park!

Marcus Warry  – ‘Are we nearly there yet” 

Marcus is a director at UCF, passionate about conservation and a proud ‘Kidepo lionheart!! Marcus is more at home boxing than running, and doesn’t want to let down his team of elite lionesses! But, he’s putting in the road miles to try and get as ready as possible – praying we get regularly stopped en route by Elephants or anything else that may give us a breather…

The Lionhearts are roaring loudly for Kidepo Valley

In the untamed landscapes of Kidepo Valley National Park, our rangers are fighting to preserve the unique beauty of this haven for elephants, lions, leopards, and the iconic Kidepo zebras. The echoes of roaring lions serve as a reminder of the urgency in our mission. 

The Uganda Conservation Foundation (UCF) works with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), to empower these fearless guardians of nature. From giraffes to elephants and lions, UCF’s work has helped to revive dwindling populations and paved the way for responsible tourism that sustains the land and its inhabitants. But the battle is far from won.

Kidepo’s rangers need our united roar to overcome challenges that threaten their critical work.

Please can you sponsor us?

We’d like to raise $2000, so every $, £,  € etc helps! This si our official fundraising page:

Thank you!

By supporting us, you’re supporting the rangering profession, driving awareness, and championing the challenges these heroes face daily.

Together, we can ensure that Kidepo’s lions continue to roar, echoing through the valleys and the hearts of all who cherish our world’s wild places.


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