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Vultures – Cleaning up nature’s mess

Vultures perhaps sit on the less glamorous side of Africa’s much vaunted wildlife species with Lions & Elephants rather hogging the limelight. However, we mustn’t forget about these less than attractive beasts, who are highly critical to ecosystems in which they live…

Vultures are critical to the ecosystems in which they live because they play a crucial role in the decomposition of animal carcasses. Vultures are scavengers, which means they feed on the remains of dead animals. They are able to eat and digest meat that would be poisonous to other animals, thanks to their extremely acidic stomachs. This helps to prevent the spread of disease and pathogens that can be present in decaying carcasses.

By consuming animal carcasses, vultures also help to keep the environment clean and free of decaying matter, which can attract other scavengers and predators. In addition, vultures play a key role in nutrient cycling by returning important nutrients to the soil through their excrement.

Unfortunately, vulture populations have been declining in many parts of the world due to habitat loss, hunting, and poisoning. This has led to an increase in the population of other scavengers such as rats and feral dogs, which can spread diseases and pose a threat to human health. Therefore, protecting vultures and their habitats is important not only for the health of ecosystems but also for human welfare.

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